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Goge Africa Foundation (GAF) was founded in 2004 as an educational foundation to focus on the development and empowerment of the African youth, while motivating them to help build a sustainable economy for our continent.

GAF creates awareness about Africa’s heritage as well as social ills like child abuse, child trafficking, HIV/AIDS, and also brings to the fore the needs of the less privileged among the youths and a clarion call to action.

Our Mission

To equip the new generation of Africans with mindsets, values and belief systems that translates into peace, personal and national growth and prosperity.

Our Cause

To equip Young Africans with the right attitude, mind-set and belief systems that will generate a passion for positive change.

Our Vision

To replace the perceived under-development amongst Africa’s youth by transforming their socio-economic conditions to make them Ambassadors of a bigger, brighter and better Africa.


What we do

  • Empowerment
  • Learning Platform
  • Promote Peace

Empowerment through skills, knowledge and information to liberate minds and produce the conviction, courage and confidence required for productivity and positive change

Learning Platform

Provide a learning platform for Africa’s youth through education, training, and the creation of opportunities and programs to harness their talent and skills.

Promote Peace

Promote peaceful co-existence, harmony and understanding in the continent through diverse integration, exchange programs and media documentaries of Africa’s Cultural heritage.

  • Promote Dynamism
  • Awareness and Education
  • Exchange Programmes
Promote Dynamism

Promote dynamism in cultural orientation, awareness, education and youth empowerment through our projects

Awareness and Education

Through public awareness and education, aim to eliminate HIV/AIDS, child abuse, child labour and child trafficking.

Exchange Programmes

Trainee placements and Internships

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